Physical nodes

Nordic Telemedicine Center has two physical locations; one in Seinäjoki, Finland and one in Umeå, Sweden. These two centers function as showrooms, which are used for education, training and demonstration purposes.

The center in Seinäjoki is a home like environment with a focus on home care and assisted living technologies. The center in Umeå replicates a health care room with a focus on health care and distance communication technologies.

Click the links below to find further information on the physical centers in Seinäjoki and in Umeå.

Umeå physical nodes

The physical node in Umeå is divided into two separate, but connected sites, that can be used for exploring and testing best practises and solutions within the area of telemedicine both in health care and in home environment. The information is aimed at different target groups using telemedicine and e-health…

Seinäjoki physical node

The center in Seinäjoki consists of a home like environment where one can explore and test various assisted living technologies provided by different health technology companies. The center provides information on the home care support solutions and their usage to different target groups. Among the usual visitors are senior citizens…
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