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Despite the large efforts to develop ICT solutions in the area of healthcare, and the successful trials across the world - Nordic countries in particular, telemedicine is still far from its full potential. The implementation rate is low, which has caused the eHealth paradox; healthcare technology is available but not yet applied enough.

Nordic Telemedicine Center is aiming to highlight the advantage of telemedicine solutions and technologies in everyday life. The goal of this competence centre is to enlighten the citizens about the available technological solutions for their everyday needs, to help the technology providers to reach the relevant target audiences better and to provide learning material and trainings on these technologies.

The center is currently under development. This website will reflect the project work towards building the competence centre that connects Finland and Sweden; in particular the cities of Seinäjoki, Umeå and Vasa.


The Center will be the source of support for the development, implementation and evaluation of innovative telemedicine technologies and work models. The Center is built to share the knowhow and best practices, and to promote the cooperation between the two countries over the Gulf of Bothnia.


The Center’s mission is to offer eHealth expertise and services to health and social care professionals, researchers, companies and citizens in the region as well as to support the target groups in testing, adopting and developing new eHealth technologies, and in increasing knowledge and skills related to eHealth. Through the virtual environment, the center aims at increasing cooperation between companies and health care sector in the development and utilization of eHealth services.

The Project

Nordic Telemedicine Center (NTC) is an innovation project funded by the EU’s Interreg Botnia Atlantica program. The three-year project (09/2015-08/2018) is carried out in collaboration by Västerbotten County Council (project leader) and University of Umeå in Sweden and by South Ostrobothnia Health Technology Development Centre (EPTEK) and University of Vaasa in Finland.

The project’s aim is to establish a cross-border telemedicine competence center in co-operation between Finland and Sweden. During the project, the competence center’s physical contact points are opened in Seinäjoki (Finland) and in Umeå (Sweden). In addition, the project creates a virtual environment to support knowledge exchange and cooperation.


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