The Sensor technology service offers possibilities for senior citizens to live safely in their own homes longer. The service  creates safety and a feeling of security to both the senior citizen and his/her relatives.

A security phone can be used to alert help by pressing the alarm button, which is usually passes around users wrist or neck. In general, the emergency phone itself also has an alarm button. Through the security phone the contact person can talk with the user e.g. person with the memory disorder.

Door alarms are devices which provide ease and sense of security to the person with a memory disorder and for the close one living with him/her. For example spouse can sleep in peace knowing that the door alarm will alert if the person with a memory disorder tries to leave from the house.

GPS devices are developed to secure the movement of the user and to function as a wireless safety phone to a person suffering from a memory disorder.  The GPS system allows the user to move freely inside the area that has been predetermined to the device. If the person with a device has been moved outside the predetermined area the device will make an automatic alert and informs the exact location to the alarm recipients.

Careousel Advance is an automated pill dispenser, which ensures that the right amount of pills is taken at the right time. The pill doses are added to the dispenser, after which the daily dose times are programmed to the dispenser. Once this is done, the dispenser cover is closed and locked. When it is time to take the pills, the dispenser turns automatically to the next slot and raises a sound and light alarm. The pills are taken by turning the dispenser upside down, which also stops the alarm.

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