Elisa Distance measurement is a smartphone application that automatically and in real-time transmits the measurement results from a measuring instrument to health professionals to utilize. The phone application reminds user of the upcoming measurement as well as instructs and gives immediate feedback when measuring. The measurement results can be viewed from the phone application during the study.

The purpose KINESIS is to investigate the role of biomechanical body variables on energy consumption and speed outcome in double poling (DP) cross-country skiers using an artificial intelligence approach. 

The Balansera application was developed with the purpose of increasing levels of participation and motivation to exercise in older adults.The target group was mainly people living at home able and willing to train strength and balance.

Emfit Safebed is a bed monitoring & alarm system, which can be used for example by athletes for self-monitoring their sleep quality or by caregivers for monitoring elderly persons. The solution monitors its user while s/he is in bed, recording e.g. pulse, respiration rate and movements. The real time information is delivered to a web based user interface. It is also possible to set an immediate or a delayed alarm for times when the user leaves the bed and/or does not return within the given time. This helps to detect potential falls and wandering, which are both common symptoms for persons with memory disorder.

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