The Centre for Rural Medicine, GMC, is a associated center in the Nordic Telemedicine Center project.

The Centre for Rural Medicine, GMC, is a small research and development unit within the Primary Health Care organisation of Västerbotten County Council. The head office is placed in Storuman, but the staff is spread over the entire northern region. The aim of the unit is to improve the liveability of rural communities in the north of Sweden through innovation in health services delivery. They have special interests in preventative health, occupational health, distance bridging technology, health, education, and recruitment and retention. Most importantly, they are interested in the role of health services within rural communities and the broader social and economic benefits of partnerships between health services and communities.

The Centre for Rural Medicine, GMC, is a associated center in the Nordic Telemedicine Center project.

The virtual health room is located in the school in the small village of Slussfors in the municipality of Storuman. The virtual health room can be considered to be a prototype of a concept where patients can manage their own health, with the help of a range of telemedicine applications.

MyDiagnostick is an ECG recorder in the shape of a rod with metallic handles at both ends. It is super easy to use, as you only need to grab hold of both ends for the recording to start. The device is intended to discriminate atrial fibrillation (AF) from normal cardiac rhythm. After one minute, MyDiagnostick will either display a green indicator, which means that no AF was detected, or it will turn red indicating the detection of an episode of AF. This feature can be switched off if necessary, so that the device only indicates that the recording has finished.

MyDiagnostick can be used for screening purposes in, for a example, a waiting room at the local health care center. Why not check yourself for atrial fibrillation as you wait for your doctor’s visit? But it can also be handed out to a specific patient for a period of time to do multiple recordings. When the device is returned it can be connected to a computer for a more detailed analysis of the recorded data.

The Coala Heart Monitor is a device that simultaneously records heart sounds and performs ECG recordings. The ECG recording is done in two steps, first 30 seconds on the chest and then 30 seconds using the thumbs. The look and feel and the overall design of the product feels very user friendly, and it comes as no surprise that this product was initially only meant for the consumer market.

The Coala device connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone and an app. The recorded data is sent to a cloud based system where it is analyzed based on 10 different arrhythmia categories. The user can usually read the results in the app within 5 seconds. All data is available in a web portal, and data can also be shared with your selected caregiver.

The device is sold in two versions, one meant for personal use and one made for professional users (the Pro version). The latter makes it possible to use the device in multi-user settings, such as the virtual health room.

CheckUp Care is a telemedicine solution that can used to facilitate self-measurement for patients in remote or rural areas. The system consists of a communication device that connects to medical equipment for measuring blood pressure, hemoglobin, blood glucose, weight and INR. The data is sent to a central database, which can be accessed from a patient´s medical record. The patient identifies themselves with an RFID card so that the data from the medical equipment is tied to that specific patient.

In Slussfors, CheckUp Care has been used to help patients manage their health, with or without assistance from home care staff.

Remote consultant is a system for remote real-time auscultation. It was developed in-house at the research and development unit at the department of biomedical engineering in Västerbotten County Council.

The system utilizes two digital stethoscopes from Littmann and a custom built streaming solution. The reason for using an actual stethoscope also for the doctor in the receiving end was to make sure that the sound would be experienced in exactly the same way as if the patient had been in the same room. Listening to the sound through headphones does not give the same sensation.

In Slussfors the system has been used to listen to heart and lung sounds of scheduled patients visiting the virtual health room. In these situations the doctor has been 60 kilometers away, in Storuman cottage hospital. An assistant nurse from the community home care has been present in the virtual health room to hold the stethoscope and assist in the examination.

The system is supposed to be used in combination with a videoconferencing system to enable visual feedback.

The TotalExam HD is a hand-held examination camera that can be used in various telemedicine applications. It can for example be used to view skin lesions (with or without a variable polarizing hood), or you can attach a tongue depressor to the look down the throat of patient. The camera is equipped with powerful lighting, making it easier to get a clear image.

It features an HDMI output that makes it possible to connect it directly to the external input of a videoconferencing system, without the need of going through a separate computer. The image quality is very high with a resolution of 1080p.

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