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The Centre for Rural Medicine, GMC, is a associated center in the Nordic Telemedicine Center project.

The virtual health room is located in the school in the small village of Slussfors in the municipality of Storuman. The virtual health room can be considered to be a prototype of a concept where patients can manage their own health, with the help of a range of telemedicine applications.

In the room a patient can perform a number of different tests to monitor their health, with or without assistance, in a location in the vicinity of their home. The results of most of the tests are sent directly to a database which is accessible from the patient’s medical record, without the need to enter them manually in the system.

Currently, blood pressure, blood count, blood sugar, weight and INR can be measured, as well as venous sampling with the help of home care staff.

Distance consultations can be held between patients and health care professionals with a state of the art video conferencing system, to which a hand-held high resolution examination camera is also attached.

A patient’s heart and lung sounds can also be streamed in real-time to a remote location, for example to the nearest cottage hospital in Storuman.

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