International interests of the physical rooms and other recent events in the Nordic Telemedicine Center

Visit from Indonesia Visit from Indonesia

During the autumn a lot of different events have taken place in the Nordic Telemedicine Center (NTC) project. Here follows a compilation of some of the recent events.

International interests of the physical rooms

The last months there have been several demonstrations of the NTC rooms both in Finland and in Sweden.

The center has attracted a lot of international interest. In Seinäjoki a group of teachers and personnel from Shenzhen Polytechnic in China visited the center in September, and during the same month there were also a visit from Japan.
In October the Ambassador of the State of Israel Dov Segev-Steinberg and Honorary Consul Fredrik Ekholm visited Nordic Telemedicine Center in Seinäjoki. They were very impressed by the facilities and the project. In November there was another visit from Japan, and also a delegation with teachers from France visiting the Nordic Telemedicine Center in Seinäjoki.

In the NTC room in Umeå we have had international guests from Indonesia with politicians and university staff who got a review of the work with telemedicine in the county council of Västerbotten. The delegation also got a demonstration on remote auscultation of heart and lung sound on distance using ditigal stetoscope.

In the beginning of October the NTC room in Umeå was also demonstrated for internal stakeholders, mainly innovation projects in the county council of Västerbotten and Uminova, and the innovation project about physical activity NordInc.

Johan Skönevik demonstrating the room in Umeå from video link.

Participation in the conference Medicinteknikdagarna 2017

In October participants from NTC presented the project at a Swedish conference in biomedical engineering - Medicinteknikdagarna in Västerås. It ended up in many interesting discussions with conference participants about digitalization and telemedicine.

Interreg Botnia-Atlantica Gender equality conference and project seminar

In September representatives from NTC participated in Interreg Botnia-Atlanticas project seminar in Umeå, and also in their Gender Equality Conference. The later had the focus of gender equality in regional development. Gender Equality is something that permeates all the work in Nordic Telemedicine Center.

Visitors at an event in Kauhajoki about digital services to senior citizens.

Information about digital services to senior citizens

NTC was represented by Eptek at the “Information about digital services to senior citizens” event in Kauhajoki, Finland. There were a few devices on display at the event and Sami Perälä had a short presentation about Nordic Telemedicine Center and telemedicine in general.

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