Breast conference

The multidisciplinary breast conference is managed from Nus and includes Skellefteå hospital. The conference started already in the late 1990s and is one of the first rounds that allowed remote participation. The conference deals with patients with breast cancer or suspected breast cancer, and all patients are discussed at the conference before and after surgery/treatment in accordance with national guidelines. The round primarily addresses patients from Västerbotten but also includes patients referred from other parts of the northern healthcare region when needed.

At the managing hospital, radiologist, pathologist, oncologist, surgeon, contact nurse, surgical planner, research nurses and students are attending and in Skellefteå usual participants are surgeon, contact nurse and secretary. An important benefit of this work model is the multi-disciplinary character of the discussion leading to a better conference decision. Other advantages are skills development, improved dialogue between different medical disciplines and hospitals, and improved adherence to national guidelines.

This text has been originally released in the following report: Telemedicine Survey in the County Council of Västerbotten -An analysis of the present situation, conditions and areas of improvement.

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