Pain rehabilitation

Ten percent of the Swedish population suffers from chronic pain, which represents almost 60 percent of all long-term sick leaves. Pain involves suffering on many levels and can cause physical as well as psychological and social problems.

Each year about 320 people, mostly in the age of 18-65, with chronic non-cancer-related pain are referred to the Pain Rehabilitation Clinic at Nus. About 80 of these participate in rehabilitation programs. The program builds on various coping strategies, ergonomics and physical training and Basic body awareness is one of the methods used. The method has good evidence for lasting improvement of painful conditions, especially during group therapy. However, several long-distance patients refrain from participating in these programs as they find it difficult to be away from home for longer periods.

In 2011-2014, the Pain Rehabilitation Clinic participated in the EU-funded project ITTS by evaluating physiotherapy using video technology. This approach was new and the method is currently being adapted for introduction into the routine rehabilitation programs. As a result of the project, long-distance patients are now offered virtual participation in team-based or individual meetings with physiotherapists, psychologists, occupational therapists or social workers.

This text has been originally released in the following report: Telemedicine Survey in the County Council of Västerbotten -An analysis of the present situation, conditions and areas of improvement.

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