eHealth Concepts, Principles and Methods for Healthcare in a Digital Age

Short description about the course content

The course will give an overview of the foundations of eHealth and Medical Informatics including research methodologies. The purpose of the course is to provide the doctoral student the opportunity to apply new knowledge in theme discussions and explore, partly hands-on, the potentials in developing and applying digital tools, which are relevant to the doctoral student ́s research topic. The following themes are included: ICT-based interventions; design and development of ”behaviour change systems” and decision-support systems; the professional’s perspective: change of work practices when introducing new digital tools; and the citizen’s perspective on digital aids for health, e.g., ethics, equality, equity, autonomy, self-management.

Course description summary

  • Type of activity: Academic course
  • Course/workshop name: eHealth Concepts, Principles and Methods for Healthcare in a Digital Age
  • Hosting university/organization and department: Umeå University, Dept. Computing Science and Community Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Link to course information (where course syllabuses are kept updated):
  • Number of credits if applicable: 3 ECT
  • Link to published web articles about the course: Stor bredd på eHälsa
  • Who are the targeted audience, eligible to take the course: PhD students
  • Language: English
  • Grading: G (pass)
  • Instructor: Marlene Sandlund, Helena Lindgren
  • Illustrative picture(s) and/or movies:
Participants and teachers at the course.
Photo: Mikael Hansson. Participants and teachers at the course.

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