TLTE.3090 Communications and Systems Engineering Seminar - eHealth: Concepts and Applications

Short description about the course content

This course is focused on eHealth challenges and risks, including its history up-to-date. Majority of the course will be spent discussing eHealth technical applications. At the end of the course we will look at the future of eHealth and discuss topics that are open for research. Learning outcomes: Students will have deep knowledge of eHealth history, technical understanding of different possible applications of eHealth. The course will also open the door for future research areas under the umbrella of eHealth. Modes of study: Active participation, report and group presentation.

Course description summary

  • Type of activity: Academic course
  • Course/workshop name: TLTE.3090 Communications and Systems Engineering Seminar - eHealth: Concepts and Applications
  • Hosting university/organization and department: Vaasa University
  • Link to course information (where course syllabuses are kept updated): N/A
  • Number of credits if applicable: 5 ECT
  • Link to published web articles about the course: N/A
  • Long description: TLTE 3090 Communications and Systems Engineering Seminar - eHealth Concepts and Applications.pdf
  • Who are the targeted audience, eligible to take the course: Master degree students from all programs. It is also open as an introductory course for doctoral students. The course presumes elementary level of technical background.
  • Language: English
  • Grading: 1 - 5
  • Instructor: Shaima Abdelmageed
  • Illustrative picture(s) and/or movies: N/A

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