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Emfit Safebed in Nordic Telemedicine Center, Seinäjok Emfit Safebed in Nordic Telemedicine Center, Seinäjok Image by EPTEK

Emfit Safebed is a bed monitoring & alarm system, which can be used for example by athletes for self-monitoring their sleep quality or by caregivers for monitoring elderly persons. The solution monitors its user while s/he is in bed, recording e.g. pulse, respiration rate and movements. The real time information is delivered to a web based user interface. It is also possible to set an immediate or a delayed alarm for times when the user leaves the bed and/or does not return within the given time. This helps to detect potential falls and wandering, which are both common symptoms for persons with memory disorder.

Safebed is based on sensor technology. The solution consists of three items: 

  • Thin slip with sensors, which is placed under the user’s mattress
  • WiFi transceiver or a box with an inbuilt mobile internet access (SIM card) that is placed near the bed
  • User interface where the collected information is shown. The web application can be used on any regular PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Safebed is provided by a Finnish company called Emfit, which operates internationally. For further information, visit


Safebed solution was tested in the home care services in the municipality of Alavus, Finland, during an EU funded project Connected for Health (2015-2016, During the pilot, the solution was tested with 11 elderly home care clients, all of whom had different stages of memory disorder. During the pilot, the solution helped to detect individual fall cases during the night time, as well as provided home care staff valuable information on their clients’ daily rhythms. As a result of the pilot, individual care and medication plans and home care visit times were re-adapted. Following the pilot trial, the municipality’s home care sector has continued to use the solution and has tested it with further client groups.

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