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Careousel Advance in Nordic Telemedicine Center, Seinäjoki Careousel Advance in Nordic Telemedicine Center, Seinäjoki Image by EPTEK

Careousel Advance is an automated pill dispenser, which ensures that the right amount of pills is taken at the right time. The pill doses are added to the dispenser, after which the daily dose times are programmed to the dispenser. Once this is done, the dispenser cover is closed and locked. When it is time to take the pills, the dispenser turns automatically to the next slot and raises a sound and light alarm. The pills are taken by turning the dispenser upside down, which also stops the alarm.

The pill dispenser has 28 slots, meaning that one can add pills for approximately 4 week period at once (depending on the amount of daily doses).

Careousel Advance eases the life at home for persons with memory illnesses. A significant amount of patients are accommodated in nursing homes due to the fact that they aren’t able to take the medicines independently at right times – a pill dispenser may prove a simple solution for such cases.

Careousel Advance is a product by a British company, PharmaCell. For more information about the company, visit their website: http://www.pharmacell-ms.com/products/ 

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