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Anvia Akkuna in Nordic Telemedicine Center, Seinäjoki Anvia Akkuna in Nordic Telemedicine Center, Seinäjoki Image by EPTEK

ANVIA AKKUNA is a care and entertainment service solution targeted especially for elderly users and other special groups. The solution provides video communication, with a possibility to integrate further services, such as tailored videos and music, to the platform. The user interface of the solution is designed to be simple and easy to use while also being customizable. For video communications Akkuna uses Vidyo platform. User interface and features are customizable by needs of customer.

The solution is suitable for example for home care and other supported housing services where video calls can be used to support the communication between the carers and the customers. It is also available for individual users who are looking for a simple video communication solution to keep in touch with friends or relatives. The solution can be used through different devices, such as PC, tablet, mobile phone or television. For the tablet version, a hard plastic case which keeps the tablet in a standing position is provided. 

Akkuna is provided by a Finnish company, Anvia. For further information about the company, visit (website available in Finnish & Swedish). For further information about Anvia Akkuna solution, contact Anvia’s Wellbeing services at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Case Example:

Anvia Akkuna was tested in the municipality of Alavus, Finland, during the EU funded project Connected for Health (2015-2016, During the project, the solution was used in distance consultation of wound treatments between the municipality’s home care services and Alavus primary health centre. During the pilot, home care nurses were equipped with tablets that had Akkuna system installed into them. When visiting the elderly clients, they had a possibility to schedule video appointments with a specialised wound nurse. The specialised nurse would then observe the wound, communicate with the client and provide consultation and support to the home care nurse through the video connection provided by Akkuna solution.

The pilot proved to be very beneficial for all participants. As a result of the distance consultations, the elderly home care clients’ need to physically visit the primary health center reduced significantly, which made the care process easier and brought financial savings due to reduced transportation costs. For the specialised wound nurse, the distance consultations also brought notable time savings, as the consultations were quicker than physical visits. As a result, she could carry out more patient appointments during one day than earlier. From the home care nurses’ point of view, the work load remained the same as earlier. However, receiving support and consultation from the specialised nurse during the treatment was seen as positive. Furthermore, the co-operation between the home care and the health centre increased as a result of the pilot. 

Akkuna solution has been used also in other municipalities in the South Ostrobothnia region by different home and health care operators. For more information about these experiences, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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