Digital calendar

Haltija Calendar in Nordic Telemedicine Center, Seinäjoki Haltija Calendar in Nordic Telemedicine Center, Seinäjoki Image by EPTEK

Digital calendar is an automatically updating electronic calendar which indicates the date, weekday, time and whether it is a morning, daytime, evening or night. Also alarms can be programmed; for example to remind about the daily medication times. The information is easy to read from the big screen. 

The digital calendar is targeted e.g. for persons with memory disorder. Being able to follow the time brings feeling of security, as well as supports independence and eases daily routines.

Calendar functions:

  • Big letter font and good contrast screen make the text easy to read
  • Time of the day can be shown as text (morning, day, evening, night) and/or as a figure
  • Language options: Finnish, Swedish and English
  • Battery ensures that the calendar stays on time also during electric blackouts
  • Automatic timing for night setup 
  • Can be installed on the table or to the wall 
  • Haltija calendar is a product by a Finnish company, Haltija. For more information about the company, visit their website: (available in Finnish). 

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