Portable Heart Monitor

Portable Heart Monitor Image by GMC

The Coala Heart Monitor is a device that simultaneously records heart sounds and performs ECG recordings. The ECG recording is done in two steps, first 30 seconds on the chest and then 30 seconds using the thumbs. The look and feel and the overall design of the product feels very user friendly, and it comes as no surprise that this product was initially only meant for the consumer market.

The Coala device connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone and an app. The recorded data is sent to a cloud based system where it is analyzed based on 10 different arrhythmia categories. The user can usually read the results in the app within 5 seconds. All data is available in a web portal, and data can also be shared with your selected caregiver.

The device is sold in two versions, one meant for personal use and one made for professional users (the Pro version). The latter makes it possible to use the device in multi-user settings, such as the virtual health room.

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