Portable ECG recorder

Portable ECG recorder Image by GMC

MyDiagnostick is an ECG recorder in the shape of a rod with metallic handles at both ends. It is super easy to use, as you only need to grab hold of both ends for the recording to start. The device is intended to discriminate atrial fibrillation (AF) from normal cardiac rhythm. After one minute, MyDiagnostick will either display a green indicator, which means that no AF was detected, or it will turn red indicating the detection of an episode of AF. This feature can be switched off if necessary, so that the device only indicates that the recording has finished.

MyDiagnostick can be used for screening purposes in, for a example, a waiting room at the local health care center. Why not check yourself for atrial fibrillation as you wait for your doctor’s visit? But it can also be handed out to a specific patient for a period of time to do multiple recordings. When the device is returned it can be connected to a computer for a more detailed analysis of the recorded data.

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